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Fragen, die Bewerber an Firmen stellen sollten

Culture and Talent

  • How do you invest in engaging your employees individually? As teams?
  • How do your teams communicate about work? How do they build strong relationships?
  • How do you gather remote/hybrid teams that aren’t together in person?

Personal Growth

  • What would my first week look like?
  • What is my training or onboarding plan?
  • Where do you expect me to be at the three-month mark? The six-month mark?
  • What does a successful career path look like at your company? How would I be measured for it?
  • How does my new leader support the growth of the individuals on their team?
  • Does your company offer any professional development opportunities or stipends?

Company Success

  • How have your bonuses typically been paid out in the past?
  • What are some successful milestones that you have recently hit? How did you reward those closest to the success?
  • Have you added any new members to your team recently?
  • How has hiring at your company changed over the past year (or two)?



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